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2020-2021 FDC TEAMS: 

Congratulations to our Teams!

Teenies:TBD- no audition required. First come, first serve.

Tinys:TBD- no audition required. First come, first serve.

Mini Prep Team: Brooklyn B, Ashlyn B, Kinley P, Zoey Y, Daphne K, Finley W, Taryn R, Penelope R (classes required: mini prep, mini prep tech, tumbling available).

Mini Elite: Emme P, Mallory E, Kayli S, Sydney J, Gia P, Andy B, Kaylee B, Alice L, Whitney A (classes required: mini elite tech, mini elite, tumbling at their level)

Junior Prep: Brecklyn B, Ruby A, Faith L, Abby J, Charlotte R, Vanessa M, Addison D, Arianna L, Braxton O, Payton P, Kylee G, Hadley P, Kate D, Amberly B, Bella M, Gracee B, Kennedy P, Sarah M, Piper O, Tony B. (classes required: Jr. Comp. tech, Jr Comp, tumbling available).

Jr. Elite: Kaitlynn J, Eden W, Taylor M, Evalynn D, Reese P, Lexxi M, Hayden P, Marley S, Ellie S, Emma A, Kenna S, Arianna A, Camilla C, Maverick T, Kambree B, Charly N. (classes required: jr. elite tech, jr elite, tumbling at their level)

YOUTH COMPANY: Maia C, Gwen N, Mia T, Tessa C, Avery S, Taylor E, Hailey H, Evalette M, Aralyn E, Paisley N, Kalais P, Elianna G, Eden L. (classes required: youth company tech, youth company, tumbling at their level).

Teen: Skyla ,Maile T, Cyndle, Reese K, Taylor R, Aubry, Ruby, Caitlyn K, Brooklyn C, Ellie M, Tatum H, Brynlee H, Adelyn D, Cyndle R, Peyson L, Emmie R, Katie M, Kendall P, Audrey C, Claire S, Olivia T.

(classes required: teen , teen technique)

Sr. Elite: Anaston K, Brylee, Chloe S, Leona, Hadley J, Gia L, Brooklyn D, Ellie D, Audrey M, Hallie P, Tatum A, Alexa J (classes required: sr. elite , sr. elite tech, sr. company and elite combined choreo).

SENIOR COMPANY: Aaliyah R, Janae L, Bella M, Kalani L, Kaligh P, Evelyn P, Lydia E, Jorsyn T, Haylee J. (classes required: sr. company, sr. company tech, sr. company and eltie combined choreo)